Analysis performed in Hematology and Clinical Pathology are

  • Fluid cytology
  • Complete Hematology
  • Coagulation studies
  • Urine analysis
  • Infertility Workup
  • Blood Grouping
  • Gynecologic cytology (Pap.screening)

Equipments included for performing the investigations of Hematology and Clinical Pathology are

  • Automated Blood Cell Counter
  • Automated Diamed ID Micro typing System for Blood Grouping
  • Automated ESR Analyser
  • Urine Analyser

Blood Cell Counter gives all the various blood parameters with scatter diagram. Coagulation studies like a PTT and PT are a routine. Infertility work-up, fluid studies are a part of the clinical pathology routine other than the routine urine tests and QBC and smear studies for malaria and filaria. We have both internal and external quality control programmes (BIO RAD) to validate our reports.